Work Experience

Bundl Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Swiggy)

May 2023 - Present

Contract SDE I

  • Implemented a GPT-based code review tool, integrated with Github, that freed up developer bandwidth by catching several avoidable mistakes in the first pass, reducing the time spent on manual code review by nearly 50%.
  • Was responsible for integrating our customer relationship tools with IRCTC as part of a company wide initiative, opening the doors for 6000+ daily IRCTC orders to be placed and managed through the Swiggy App.
  • Took up multiple tech improvement initiatives, such as optimising the end-to-end testing suite of Oneview (Swiggy's customer management dashboard). Put in place a solution for parallel execution of multiple suites, resulting in a measured reduction of over 70% in the time taken for test execution.
  • Led the incremental migration of our codebases to Typescript, leading to over 20% reduction of dynamic-typing related bugs reported.
Sustainable Sourcing Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 2023 - May 2023

Software Consultant

  • Leveraged React, Express JS, and PostgreSQL to architect the entire app and develop key services such as Authentication, Inventory Management, and Notifications.
  • Collaborated closely with UX designers to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Successfully launched an MVP, received positive feedback from stakeholders and potential users, and observed 30% reduction in average turnaround time for trades.
Rebel Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Nov 2020 - Dec 2022

SDE II (Full Stack)

  • Developed a scalable architecture for Rebel Connect, a B2B App for the company's newest initiative - Launcher.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation of Launcher.
  • Built robust client and server-side features and delivered bug fixes, providing value to 300+ business partners using the app.
  • Played a part in onboarding new team members, mentored them on best practices for coding and debugging, and conducted code reviews.
LUCI Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 2019 - Nov 2019

Software Consultant

  • Developed and implemented automated data acquisition strategies, resulting in over 80% decrease in manual retrieval time.
  • Designed and created a user-friendly machine learning interface using React JS, enabling access for regular users.
  • Built and deployed a secure JWT-based authentication service using Express JS and Mongo DB.



A command-line tool written in Python to scrape ratings data of TV Series from IMDb and display the results in a heatmap.


A Chrome extension for statistical analysis of webpage text.


Convert QR codes to 3D printable STL files.

Telegram Case Notifier

A Telegram bot for real-time Supreme Court case updates.


University of Mumbai

May, 2020

B.Sc. Information Technology

CGPA 9.25


  • Languages
    Javascript / TypescriptPythonGolang
  • Frontend
    HTMLSCSS / CSS / styled-components / JSSReact / Next JSReact QueryReact RouterRedux
  • Backend
    Express JSPrismaDjangoFlask
  • Tools I've Used
    Amazon Web ServicesVercelDockerGitVS Code / VimBash / Zsh Scripting
  • Interests
    TechnologyCookingCyclingReadingCarpentryTravelAdventure SportsVideo Games
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